Spot Your Game With Hunting Binoculars!

Hunting Binoculars come handy for thrill seekers whose agenda is spotting a disguised game in the unearthly hours of the night or, in the wee hours of the morning. However, buying the right hunting binocular depends on various aspects like the size of the lens, exit pupil, lens coating, magnification, Field of view and portability.

This article shall highlight on why do you need binoculars for hunting? And, will focus on the below mentioned pointers on what factors make a good hunting binocular.

Objective Lens size – To get the right amount of brightness, it is crucial for the objective lens in a binocular to have a bigger diameter, allowing more light from the source object. Full size binoculars come with a 42 mm diameter of objective lens whereas compact binoculars have objective lens with a diameter of about 22 to 26 mm.

Magnification and Field of View – It is often incorrectly assumed a quality of a binocular is directly proportional to the extent of magnification. Higher magnification leads to narrowing down the field of view, which weakens your hunting view. Hence, for regulars in hunting in forests, compact binoculars in the range of 8 x 30 or 8 x 42 with low magnification and a wide field of view works best.

Lens Coating – Hunting binoculars like Steiner have been equipped with high contrast optics that mellow down the greens and enhance the hidden colours like red and brown, giving you an upper hand in spotting your game. Some binoculars are also equipped with LED displays that give you a clear and precise distance between you and your object.

Design and Robustness – Hunting binoculars are exposed to rough weather conditions and use. Hence, when you buy them, make sure they are water and fog proof. Fog proof binoculars have an inbuilt setup of argon or nitrogen that prevents fogging, given the temperature fluctuations. For people with near or far sight, eye relief and eye cups are recommended.

Hunting binoculars come in full size (42 mm diameter of objective lens) or in compact size wherein, the diameter is anywhere between 30-32 mm. Full sized binoculars are best for hunting as they give sharp images in poor light too. The only drawback is they are heavy. Compact hunting binoculars come handy when one has to walk through difficult terrains for longer time. You may visit for more information about binoculars operational in night mode.

Adapters are important binocular accessories and, they are mostly tripods on which the binoculars are mounted. Mounting helps in viewing an image steadily. This feature is best for wild life enthusiasts and hunters who mount their binoculars to get a wider field of view of the game. Cheap adapters for binoculars are available online too.